Emergency Plumbing Calgary: What to Do When You See Water Damage In Your Home

When people think of water damage, they immediately think about seeing a puddle of water on the floor. The truth is that while that does sometimes happen, water damages usually occurs behind the scenes. It is something that you have to look out for, and when you spot it, you have to take decisive action by looking for emergency plumbing.

What Are The Water Damage Signs To Look Out For Before Calling Emergency Plumbing?

There are some clear-cut signs that you could be facing water damages in your home. Here is what you should look out for:

  • Water accumulation is perhaps the most obvious sign that you are facing issues. When you notice the pile of puddles, it is a clear sign that something has sprung a leak in your home and needs immediate assistance from a plumber in Calgary.
  • Discoloration is another sign that indicates that water has caused damage. It usually happens with ceilings and walls. You will notice that the wall could look wet or dry and can be a yellow, brown or copper color. More so, there could be ‘bubbling’, cracking or peeling. Water damage on walls and ceilings either indicate piping problems or a roof leak.
  • The floor’s texture has changed. When this happens, it means that a leak has occurred at ground level. Floors that look warped, saggy or are sinking in mean they have been damaged.
  • If you smell a profound dirty water-like odor, then the chances are that the water leak has infested itself. While the smell isn’t immediate, it indicates that the damage has been occurring for a while. It usually happens around basements, laundry rooms and other contained rooms.

Contact Emergency Plumbing In Calgary

As much as you would like to repair the damages yourself, you will not be able too. Severe water damage requires that you hire a professional plumber in Calgary to help you. They will be able to take the necessary steps to locate the source of the problem and make the required repairs or replacements to ensure that it is stopped. From there, contact your home insurer so you can start the process of creating a claim.

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